Classes are held 7 days a week at 855 Park Avenue San Jose, CA 95126. Please check the current class calendar for specific times as availability will continue to grow.

Yes, there is a 3 day, no obligation, free trial to any of our class. We want to make sure that this is something you really want to do. All we require is that you read and sign the consent form prior to your trial class. Also, if you intend to borrow a gi you need to notify us in advance so that we have the appropriate size on hand.


No, there are no hidden costs, we do have a one time registration fee’s of $35.

No we do not, we start your membership on the day you sign up and reoccurring payment starts from that day on. For example if you signed up on the 8th, you would get build the following month on the 8th.

Drop-ins are payment options for those people who can not make it to class regularly but would still like to attend classes occasionally. We only allow 3 drop ins per month, please call or email for rate info. All drop in rates must be paid prior to the start of class.

At CTA we do not have ANY CONTRACTS! Everyone you see training is here because they want to be here. Once you sign up you’re free to cancel at any time.

We do provide discounts for multiple family members. The discounts only apply to immediate family members. The discounts offered can save a family up to 25% off!

The only discount we offer are family rates. We do not offer LEO or student discounts.

We recommend age 3 and over but really it all depends on the child. We have had some start as young as 2 years old but we would rather a parent wait until their child seems ready (and is potty trained). We want to make sure that this is a positive and fun experience for each child and therefore we would like them to be able to follow direction, focus and feel confident enough to get on the mat.

Absolutely! Many of the students here are new to the sport as well and everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand. The first class can feel intimidating but remember everyone here started right where you are. Call (408) 396-3223 or email Caio Terra at