Adult Judo (14 Years and older)

Judo is one of the most practiced sports throughout the world and a highly anticipated event at every Olympic games. The Adult Judo class focuses on highly competitive Judo techniques, effective on national and international levels. As coach of the prominent San Jose State University Judo team, Nakano Sensei has led athletes to win Olympic, World Championship, and other world-class medals. In addition to physical and technical skills, the Advanced and Adult Judo class also focuses on improving students’ mental strength and emotional control before, during, and after competitions.

Kids Judo (4 – 6 years old)

Young children experience their world through movement. As they grow and explore their environment, they develop physical and motor skills. Participating in Judo provides children with a safe, supportive, and unique opportunity to explore an array of movements and improve their balance, flexibility, and coordination. The goal of the Kids Judo class is to introduce young children to the fundamental movements of traditional Japanese Judo. These fundamental movements include learning how to properly fall with a focus on reducing the risk of major injury. As the dangers of concussions and Second Impact Syndrome become more apparent, the ability to safely protect one’s head during a fall becomes increasingly important. Instilling these instinctual reactions to falling at a young age is crucial for protecting young children throughout their lifetime.

Junior Judo (7 – 13 years old)

Judo, loosely translated to “gentle way,” is a defensive martial art originating from Japan. Judo techniques are designed to use attacker’s energy against themselves, making Judo an effective form of self-defense. Students of the Junior Judo class will learn traditional Japanese Judo fundamentals and techniques. As students improve and progress, they will have the opportunity to participate in local and national competitions. In addition to the sport and competitive aspects of Judo, another primary focus of the Junior Judo class is on traditional etiquette and Judo philosophy. Proper manners, discipline, confidence, respect, and honor are just a few of the many values emphasized in the Junior Judo class. As a result of the supportive and nurturing Junior Judo class environment many students. experience improvements in self-esteem and efficacy.

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